February 04, 2007


In case you haven't noticed, I have been a bit obsessed with saving money lately. One of the first things to go was...hair cuts. You see, I have short hair and well, I think my hair person charges by the single hair to cut it. But, I was willing to pay it because frankly, my hairdresser was hard to come by and she does a damn good job. (she does the sort of job that people ask where I get my hair cut because they want my stylist-especially if they have short hair) But alas, I couldn't justify it considering that a man could probably get the same hair cut for 10 bucks and no lip down at the corner shop.

This means that since October I have needed a hair cut. Since December I have looked something like a shaggy mountain goat. But, hey, my hair was still a good foot shorter than the average American woman. I have also had to wash, brush and groom my hair, daily for some months now. EVEN ON WEEKENDS. But, I was still holding out.

But, hair cut time could be put off no longer. People were mentioning it...not just the person I sleep with who has been after me to end my hair stand off for months. So, a couple weeks ago, a gift card for Regis showed up. 10.00 off. Ummm I don't do Regis. They smell funny. They play odd music and they are busy. I did Regis today. Surely with 10 bucks off and it being a Regis it would be better than cutsRcheap or whatever is down the block that specializes in 10 different kinds of bowl cuts.

Gumcracking hair girl something with a T and spelled not traditionally took me back. How do I want it cut. Very short. Gesture with fingers should not go over this long. Demonstrate the clippy motions. She cracks her gum some, throws a cape on me and takes me back to wash my hair. She proceeded to do this in such an aggressive manner I was dizzy when I stood up. Seriously, brain denting head massage. Then she starts cutting. I explain again, too long. She looks at me dubiously, says ok and cracks her gum some more. Continues cutting it the same length, then runs at it with that shaggy making razor thing, which is really not a bad thing but wasn't going to fix the length issue.

Then she threw mousse on it and after she couldn't get all of the bits to lay down that way, proceeded to use her wax stick ALL OVER. She said ok when she was finished waxing and took off the cape. Not a how is this, or anything. We proceeded to pay at the cash register. (which took a really long time) 15.00 cheaper than my regular hairdresser but I will probably end up using more sticking down stuff and need my hair cut much sooner so probably a wash, once you factor in stress.

Came home, washed my hair. The sides are probably ok. The top and back kind of long. In a few weeks, I will be definite mullet material instead of the really short pixie that it usually is at that point. Not only that...I am going to have to brush my hair every day from the beginning. hmph. Truly wash and wear hair is supposed to be the reward for haircuts.

I do have to give her points for not prattling on the whole time about her fingers being too fat to cut it as short as I wanted it and telling me that I really should grow my hair out so I could get a good man. That is what happened last time I cheated on my hairdresser. Yes. Really.


Eljae said...

two words for ya - barber shop

TW said...

You will remember that I do live in the south. Last time I went to the barber shop down here...well I was lucky I had boy child to give me cover. But believe me, if if the barber near our house was still there-I would be there. Now that I think about it, I can't picture one that is still open in town. Maybe downtown?

Emsxiety said...

I love how they cut your hair how they think it should be, umm if I wanted your opinion I'd have asked for it.

Friends of Fanchong said...

My BF's mum used to be a hairdresser. It is working out brilliantly. I sit at the bench, she trims my hair - and does exactly what I want!! (OK - so its not short hair, and I wear it up so she could do anything and I probably wouldn't notice - but that's not the point). Its got me thinking that good old fashioned 'I'll wash your car if you cut my hair' arrangements with talented neighbours might not be the way of the future.