February 04, 2007

Credit Cards Chaos and the Super Bowl

You know, I am starting to feel like a personal finance blogger lately. Ah, well blogs reflect a bit about the person who blogs if a bit skewed sometimes. I am watching the Super Bowl and am thinking the Get Rich Slowly guy knew what he was talking about when he said Save Money-Don't watch the Super Bowl.(and yes, I watch for the ads. I have no defense there-I am just a marketing junkie) I have gotten the urge to get all sorts of things. (including Emerald mixed nuts even though nuts cause me huge, huge issues and well, I prefer smoked almonds anyway...but I think Robert Goulet has been in my office lately!)

Fortunately, I am very committed to some serious Credit Card Debt management these days. Regular readers know that finances are tight and we are pretty much tightwads. (though I have found as I always thought may be the case that writing down EVERYTHING you spend is extremely effective-in deterring you from all sorts of things. Try it. Even if you are sure you are not wasting a single penny, cringing every time you see how much you spend can encourage you to buy more cans of beans and rice rather than premade salads and such. Even that has me thinking about just whether I can swing dried beans instead.

I know many of you have the same issues at your house too. Before you consider bankruptcy, you may consider credit card debt consolidation. Read carefully before you make a choice and think carefully before you do.

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