February 03, 2007

Cute and Rounded and a Rant

My kids are in England right now. So, I have been spending a lot of time peering at all things English lately. I missed these MINT credit cards though. They have two different products...your average, run of the mill credit card...but it isn't really average...they offer a 0% interest rate right now...for both new purchases until December and balance transfers. Nice!

As an aside...anyone want to call my credit card company and convince them to lower my rate? Not particularly appealing to me after talking to them twice this month, most recently TODAY because they put three unauthorized charges on my card for magazines which my buddy at the credit card company insisted were from me authorizing them on the phone when the credit card company telemarketed (yes, the cc company sells magazines, explain that. You would think their 39.00 10-minute late payment fee + finance charges would keep them rolling in money) me at some point. Apparently he didn't really believe that I never talk to ANYONE on the phone other than my mother, my children and skeeter a couple times a year...and oh yeah, THEM because they keep making me grouchy.

Sorry, wandered off point. MINT, which is definitely not the credit card company that has irked me today, has a lovely 0 interest credit card that truly is lovely. Go look at the picture. It is DIFFERENT looking. (Surely representing that they are a different sort of credit card company.)

Not only that, they have a gift card. Now, if you are not familiar with gift cards from banks...get familiar with them. They can be used ANYWHERE, just like a Visa card that you fill out tons of paperwork and cross your fingers to get. You can give them to the young adult in your life so they can really get what they want, just in case the Gap is no longer their thing and PacSun is. And, it will be super hip and groovy, because if you get a MINT one...it will have that cute corner too. Too bad I am only going to visit there...I would get one. Hey, I might anyway when I go to visit. They come in all denominations from 10-250 pounds. I could get one and avoid the fees for foreign transactions. (which is what I was looking up when I found out about my need to call my credit card company)

This post was sponsored but the growling part about the OTHER company I may have thought to blog about anyway so thank the sponsors and PPP for encouraging me. I should have just invited you all over to hear me...especially after I got transferred to the auto attendant fake person to cancel the stuff I never ordered. THERE was no way to get a real person that I could tell. Answering GET ME A HUMAN is not something she understood.


sassymonkey said...

I hate the automated people. They suck.

When I started university there was a telephone registration system called MARS. The voice was a woman who apparently worked in the student admin office who was know as the MARS lady. They had to keep her identity a secret because they had received death threats for "the MARS lady" (she had a tendency to hang up on yoU).

Lucy said...

Hey TW -

Well, I live in England and I wouldn't get a credit card if you paid me. I'm sure english credit cards are wonderful - but it totally irks me that my evenings are filled with news reports about people declaring bankruptcy because of personal debt, dire warnings by economists and financial advisers about the dangers of debt, advertisements for companies that can help you get out of serious debt trouble AND THEN millions of ads for all things credit related. Credit cards, store cards, personal loans, funky 50 year mortgages, 2 year interest free plans on your wide screen tv, the lot. It just seems like such hypocracy to me - on the one hand nice government paid advisers spend hours trying to convince you that debt is bad and explaining that interest rates have to go up because inflation is so high, on the other hand the credit industry is allowed to give people who can't afford heating or safe accomodation as much credit as they want. As if people aren't going to get into trouble!