November 12, 2006

Sunday Dinner

My girls have synchro right smack dab in the middle of Sunday Dinner time. That would be ok and we could go for the nice mid-day Sunday dinner...but we go to church and after church: STARVING!

So we have a light-ish lunch followed by the best Sunday dinner we can manage just a few short hours later.

This week was particularly good: ham (a family favorite with mommy's special glaze) those eggs devil style, (I hate the spelling of that word that means the same as stuffed) They were made Denise style, because I have been outvoted in what constitutes a proper one of those eggs, so I made them the less yummy way. (but I did put a wee bit too much salt in them even for the salt addicts in this house.) Squash with parmesan and a smidge of olive oil. Homemade parker house rolls. (that actually turned out REALLY well, even if they were cold by the time I got the rest of the food on the table...our oven only has one rack and so it is challenging to bake 3 things at once well) Then the dessert: low-fat oatmeal pumpkin bars that the youngest child loved and I think no one else in the family will voluntarily ever eat again...well maybe the veggie kid who was all agog at such a creation, but he missed dinner.

Best of all...sitting down and having Sunday dinner together. (ok and all the kids, even the big ones drooling over my cooking.)

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