November 10, 2006


ReviewMe is a new service that pays bloggers for posting reviews. They are starting out with dishing out $25000 for people to review them. I am taking part in just this post. Thats right...I am getting paid to make this post.

ReviewMe works a little differently from other pay for review sites. First, they require you to say it is a paid review in some way. They ask that you post in a way that is true to your blog as well. There is a minimum 200 word count requirement for posts, that will definitely keep most people from posting about anything and everything. (ever struggled to find that many words to describe a book you didn’t like? Or to report on something you knew nothing about?) Payments range from $20-200.00 per post, with higher ranking bloggers getting more per post. This I think will encourage even better blogs.

The other big difference is this: advertisers are not allowed to ask for a positive review. That is right...they do not require you to make a positive review. You also are never required to review anything. You can turn down any opportunity.

Signing up to take a look around is free and fast. You learn right away how much your blog will make per post. Once your blog is accepted, you can even post and snag your part of the $25,000.

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