November 12, 2006

Coffee...and More...Easy

I like my fancy coffee. I like to make hot cocoa and fun tea and pretend I am quite the barista. I am. I make a fab drink. Unfortunately, I also make a mess. That is why the Tassimo Hot Beverage Machine really appeals to me. I have considered getting one for my office. I have considered getting one for home. What more could I want than easy, no brains coffee?

These seem especially nice because I do not subscribe to the predominant household habit of MICROWAVING coffee. Yick! A pot of coffee can last a couple of days here, consumed by coffee microwavers. I could avoid that while still having my coffee by having Tassimo Hot Beverage Machine.

It even appeals to the geek in me with the special bar code reading specially built into the "t-discs" that tells the machine how much water and how long to brew.

Everyone that I know that has them raves about how easy they are, how handy it is to have everything from the coffee to the milk in easy, no fuss, no measure serving pods. They also talk about how good the coffee is that comes out of the machine. I definitely am pondering how to get one for myself. I think I should definitely go with the no mess angle around here. My coffee making messes are rather legendary.


skeet said...

"Coffee" and "microwave" should never appear in the same sentence. I think there may be a law about that.

I like it. Definitely wish-listable.

TW said...

I quite agree.