November 12, 2006


You may remember...last year about this time....I posted about my holiday trouble. Yes, Santa and Coke. Well, signs are looking up. Our Coke cans show no indication of Santa...yet. But...when I went to enter MyCokeRewards points...Santa is all over. (with some 75th anniversary of Coke and Santa indication as well) YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! He better show up on the packaging this year or I will yell again but for now...I am happy.

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skeet said...

My mother used to collect Coca Cola Santas. I have no idea where they disappeared to, but they were always on display in our house at Christmas. I think some of the ones from the fifties were acquired by begging the grocers to let her have them when Christmas was over. They were definitely promotional items for retailers, not the Coke merchandise that collectors can buy these days.