August 01, 2006

"You've Never Heard Of My Blog"

I really want to know why bloghers say when you meet them "You've never heard of my blog." uh, well, maybe not but once I talk to you I will have heard of your blog and will want to go see it.


Lucy said...

Tsk. False modesty! Fishing for compliments. Secretly hoping you will say 'OF COURSE I have heard of your blog! You live in Baltimore and write about your kittens - I am a HUGE fan.' OR maybe they are just totally intimidated. Good old fashioned 'writers and anxt' syndrome :-)

TW said...

Hey Lucy, what have you been up to?

Lucy said...

Hey TW -

Adventuring. Conference in Dresden, holiday in Prague (who could fly all the way from Australia to germany and not take an extra 2 hours on the train, I ask you) and organising a new job in London. You'd better believe that getting back to thesis-edits in Brisbane is a let-down. Hence the 'bugging poor innocent bloggers instead of working'

BUT my old office-mate has just finished a journal article on knitting blogs... so I figure its kind of legit, right? :-P