August 01, 2006

Things I wonder about

Why they wet the runway down.
If people who live in deserts have higher rates of agoraphobia than people who live in places with cover.
Why we flew south and then east
Why my computer is reporting an excellent connection to the hyatt when we are flying but I couldn't get a connection in my room.
Why do people live in deserts? Do they miss the trees or do they never know trees?
Why on some flights are there a lot of crying babies but on other flights with lots of babies they don't cry.
Why U.S. Air lets dogs fly in cabin but the San Jose airport does not allow any pets (service animals not included there of course)
Why the smoke detector or some other alarm beeped for a long time and was still beeping in San Jose when we got on the plane.
Why my nose and throat burn on airplanes, is it some sort of body early warning system "Alert: you are in a crowded place with germ carriers, exit now"


Lucy said...

They let dogs fly in the cabin on American airlines!??!

Really??? Wow. Don't tell any australian puppies. They will get very jealous.

Do they let them sit politely on a leash, or do they have to stay in their cages? What happens if they bark? Is there a size restriction?


TW said...

U.S. Airways which has a bunch of other stuff grouped with it these days seems to allow leashed dogs, not even in carriers, in the cabin. It is a airline to airline decision as to what they allow. One was fairly mid sized.

Leigh-Ann said...

Why do people live in deserts? Do they miss the trees or do they never know trees?

As a Canadian, I missed the trees when I first moved to the southwest. However, I also developed an appreciation for the nuances of brown, the varied plant and animal life, and the overall subtly of the desert. It can be beautiful here, but in a different way than autumn leaves are beautiful. I still love visiting places with lots of trees and forests, though... I think they both have their appeal.

TW said...

I am in FL so autumn leaves are lost and missed by me too. I thought it was pretty but I just couldn't imagine it on a regular basis.