July 31, 2006

Does She Know?

Does RJ know that I eat gummy bears RJ style; saving my favorite flavors for last?

I am sure she doesn't. I didn't know myself until moments ago as I picked the red ones to eat first in each handful, then eating the rest in the bunch in order of preference. Usually yellow last.

I think my child's strategy of keeping her favorite food to eat for last may be a good one. It haunts your mouth with the flavor you enjoy.

I also may tell her, the batteries in my suitcase for Blogher were for her. They were for her MP3 player, even though she wasn't with us and neither was her MP3 player. Mommies and habitual packing. At least we left the hair nets home this time.

Still not on the plane, 15 min or so until we board. Ready to be home. Ack. No, not 15 minutes. The plane isn't here yet. The plane won't get here until 6:10 or so. People in the bar behind us are extremely loud. I hope they aren't going to fly on our plane. Perhaps worse than the guys who nearly came to blows in the check-in line over whether it was rude to cut the line.


skeet said...

Seet. Tell her.

skeet said...

Sorry! That should be "sweet." :0)