August 02, 2006

Post-Blogher Social Anxiety

I had a long overdue gush over Nancy White. I had a moment of schoolgirl giggle when Badger smiled at me as I tried to sneak to the bathroom during the first session. I sorta gushed when I figured out some people were people I had read before. But...I think perhaps...I need to talk about post-Blogher social anxiety.

You see, coming home Denise and I chatted about who we didn't see, who we didn't know was there until it was over, who we wished we had met, and the A-list folk we didn't seek. Not a big deal, next year we will no doubt catch them. Right? Well, I have come to the conclusion that I chatted with nearly all of these people at one point or another. Labelled pictures with links on Flickr has helped. Ohhhhhhhhhh huh, well, hi everyone! It was nice meeting you. (even if all I did was chatter to you like I would if you were standing behind me in the supermarket check out line or while waiting for school pick up)

Maybe it is for the best though. By not actually recognizing people in person, I was saved moments of social embarrassment where I might ramble or stutter. You were saved any lame commentary on how much I love your blog or know someone who loves your blog and instead we discussed toilet paper, your shoes, the weather, the session, the food, our jobs, our tiredness.

So, if you were a celebrity or a-list blogger or special in some other way and I didn't gush but instead spoke to you like you were everyone else, accept my apologies and my compliments. I really do love you, even if I don't read your blog or recognize you. You were one of the many smart women I chatted with at Blogher.


Wag said...

Hi TW,

I'm the big, crazy woman who came up to you while you were waiting for the shuttle bus and asked you if you were someone else. So apparently I am bad at both names and faces. Please accept my apologies for being so dumb.

I'm very happy I got to meet you, even if briefly. Thanks for your terrific series of posts about your BlogHer experience.

Denise said...

Wag! Heh, I know who you are and I enjoyed your panel. :-)

I'm wondering who I didn't gush over, that I should have gushed over. Probably a lot of people, especially since I didn't comment on anyone's shoes.

TW said...

ha Wag, that is ok. Don't apologize. I didn't know names or faces. I swear folks need to wear banner tshirts or writing samples or SOMETHING