August 03, 2006

As I have mentioned before

I love Kaboodle. I really, really love Kaboodle. I use it for all nature of things from planning trips (remember my Blogher Kaboodle months and months ago that lived on my right nav?), to giving gifts. Giving gifts? Yes, you see, we are broke, but more than that, we are fundamentally against buying for the sake of owning. (liberal folk you know) We also take a strong stand against clutter, at least we try to take a stand against clutter.

That doesn't mean things don't catch our eye. Thus, my current favorite Kaboodle page was born: Extravagant Clutter-Free Gifts. Go see it.

Then vote for it by saying you like it. There is a contest you see, and after rambling about Kaboodle to everyone (moms at sports meets, friends, coworkers, strangers on the street, and of course my blog and social bookmarks) since the day it first existed, I really would love to win. Vote now. You love it, you know you do, it is quirky and funny, and marshmallowy.

1 comment:

Flippy said...

We take a strong stand in favor of clutter. Mostly book clutter though. I will vote for you nonetheless. ;)