June 02, 2006

LGBT Families Day

Yesterday was LGBT families day. I couldn't blog yesterday as I am a mommy in an LGBT family. I am a mommy that had a son performing in the end-of-the-year band recital. YAY! Band recitals rock and summer break means summer vacation where I get to spend a stretch of mommy time with my kids. Double, maybe triple YAY! You see, there is nothing I would rather do than have my kids around, playing with them, talking with them, watching them with each other, with their friends, just knowing they are home.
What's it like to be such a mommy? What do those sorts of mommies do? I know you wonder. Let me see:
1. When my babies were babies we went to MOPS and playgroups
2. We had play dates where I sat with other mommies (mostly straight I think, I didn't poll around but most of them were married to men, but then again, at that point so was I)
3. I bake cupcakes for birthdays
4. I worry when they are hurt
5. I pray when they are troubled or we are troubled or they are hurt or sick
6. I cuddle with them-all of them
7. I listen as they ramble-about Pokemon or Puberty or Princesses or perfection or perfectly annoying things about teachers or whatever else they choose to ramble about
8. I brush hair, nag about toothbrushing and baths, supervise room cleaning and sibling squabbles, teach manners.
9. I learn the names of my children's friends, and ask about them and know what they like and do and where they are going on vacation.
10. I fuss and love and tend, just like you do, just like mommies do.

I don't go to wild parties. I don't even drink. No wild goings on here, unless you count the wild kingdom comprised of pets and children. Scooters and hoppity hops in the front yard, sneakers by the front door. Plain, ordinary, often rather American dinner food. In fact, unless you noticed that there were two women sharing a life, a home and their children, you might not even think twice about the family next door.


sassymonkey said...

I love how happy you get about your kids. :)

skeet said...

And I love peeking in at how that happiness weves through your lives!

skeet said...

um --- that's w-e-a-v-e-s, giggle!

Emsxiety said...

The love for your children just shows so much in everything you share!

Lucy said...

Most of the kids I know got one involved parent, one absent father. I suspect that two mums, twice the love v. two unhappily married persons, or one mum trying to do everything and never having enough time/energy to go around is a total no brainer. I'm voting "absolutely" for happy lgbt families. Although... its a shame that lgbt isn't easier to pronounce :-)

TW said...

My kids are lucky or they might say at points, unlucky in this regard and have ended up with four intensely interested parents