June 03, 2006

My Favorite Firefox Extensions

Tab Mix Plus- I LOVE this extension. I couldn't live without it. You can undo closed tabs, you can get your browser back exactly the way it was should you crash, the power goes off, etc. There are other things it does, but they are fix and forget until you use someone's computer without them.

BugMeNot Can't help it. Everywhere seems to need a registration and I hate having to register to read one article in small town newspaper that may never ever have something else I want to see. If you want me to register, give me a real reason, not just something you can figure out from your stats. Otherwise, BugMeNot it is.

Flashblock This replaces flash objects with a button to click. Sometimes a website looks funny when you go to see it because it has been replaced by a cluster of boxes with buttons, but then, imagine how long it would take to load otherwise. (Though Flashgot seems to be the popular one these days but not one I have used)

Xinha Here WYSIWYG everywhere!

Blog This
Right Click access to Blogger. However, I did use Performancing for a while and liked a lot about it

TagUtil Super convenient tagging

Web Developer Toolbar So many cool features! Definitely helps un-knot thorny web coding issues.

Gmail Manager
Great way to manage your gmail accounts, notifications, secure connection, etc.

There are others, Spurl, del.icio.us, Adblock, Greasemonkey, StumbleUpon, etc but those above are my favorites right now. Of course, grabbing the links has led me to wander extensions, so ask me in a few weeks what my favorites are then.


Roye said...

Thank you for the list, I'm reading up on them. One not mentioned that I really needed was the IE Tab, since I play in MSN Groups it was a necessity.

TW said...

I had two different ie extensions. The first I think was ie tab but then it didn't have an upgrade one time when firefox updated and I couldn't use it. I got a different one,ie view, but never liked it enough to wholeheartedly recommend. In the meantime, my ie needs decreased sooooooo, I hadn't gone back to see if ie tab had been upgraded. Glad to know it has.