June 02, 2006

kdka.com - Suburban Mom Goes On Strike, Pickets Own Home

kdka.com - Suburban Mom Goes On Strike, Pickets Own Home: "'I had been threatening and threatening that I was going to go on strike, and I wasn't going to do anything. And I knew if I was sitting in the house they'd still be coming to me,' she said."

Hmmm. My kids would still come outside to me. Of course, they also are always appreciative of the fact that they see me cleaning when we do our Saturday morning cleaning.

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Lucy said...

Oooh I love it! Especially the part about waving at the school bus with your picket signs! My mother always threatened to get a T-shirt with "Lucy's Mum" printed on it. She was going to put it on and do ALL of the super embarassing things I begged her not to do. Ever. Talking to me in public (blush!), kissing me goodbye at the school gates (muuum - you are SO embarassing), complaining about how expensive stuff was, driving her big old brown car when everyone else's mothers had nice, sensible tiny cars and handing out dubious looking culinary creations to all of my friends. So embarassing!

Hang on... I just remembered why I'm not having kids!