April 03, 2007

Unsigned doesn't Mean Unworthy

I love a number of unsigned artists, in fact, if you browsed our music collection, most of the artists are probably on their own label or just unsigned. I do love how you can learn about them without having "a friend in the know" or hanging out at the local open mike night, hoping someone there is worthy. Unsigned.com is just one of those new ways we can all be in the know about musicians we really like (not the ones the big companies really want us to hear!)
Whether you like Reggae Bands, punk, folk, rock, country, emo, whatever, even if you are looking for a little ambient music to block out the sound of the construction catty corner from your place, you can find some great stuff there. What is really nice is that you can get to it fast, well-organized and without weird stuff like what kind of mixed drink they are. You know exactly where to find professional type pages, without all the bands friends saying YO! what up! Very nice. Very very nice. Check them out...soon you will be saying "I knew that band way before they made it big" I can't wait for the music player to launch!

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