April 03, 2007


I am reading the series of Animorphs books because my beautiful girl child reads them. In fact, she is crazy about them. Yes, they are mind candy. Yes, they are way below her reading level. It doesn't matter. They are great tales that bring up all sorts of interesting ethical issues, teach you a little about all and sundry types of animals, and give you that much needed fantasy kick sometimes. I started reading them again after reading the first one when she did, finding it ok and fun but not anything I was dying to read each one in the very lengthy series. However, feeling some mommy guilt at not being conversant in all the important things in her life, I decided I would dive in.

Now look...I have turned into an Animorph!

Ok, so that isn't an official Animorph...but you never know...maybe I am. In that case, I can't tell you my last name or where I live, because you see...

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