April 20, 2007

Another Day...Another NYT story

Pill That Eliminates the Period Gets Mixed Reviews
Rather than loathing their periods, women evidently carry on complex love-hate relationships with them.

Really? Women have a complex love-hate relationship with them? Huh. Never would have guessed. Now there are some people I believe could do well with no periods, ever. They get really sick and with sick comes grouchy. We have a daughter like that. She gets horrid periods, though with medication, she does better and we only hit the horrid part every couple months. This works well with her, and even though she feels miserable that week, she is reluctant to go with the never option. This happens, even though she swears she never ever wants to have children, so it isn't really a "I am worried about fertility" kind of thing.

As for me? I have had my rough periods and still, I generally love my period. Not so much now that it does bad things as far as my tummy troubles, but still, it is a nice little something. I am not sure what. Something womanly? Hormonal? Beats me. In any case, I definitely wouldn't want to never have another again at this point. I know...menopause will hit sooner or later and I won't have another...but I am hoping that will be a long while. If only because, I am the only woman in my family to reach my age with all my girl parts intact and they seem to work just fine. (though over the last few years there have been some cystic ovary issues discovered in the course of tummy trouble screening, nothing serious and they vanish on their own)

As for my girls, I hope they all have wonderful, easy cycles and embrace them as a good part of womanhood...not the curse.

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