January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone. My kids called so that made it a happy day for me, even if it would be happier if they were home.

They sounded like they are having fun, except young son, who sounded TIRED. He wasn't even interested in my acquisition of a mime emote at Runescape. (Clearly a sign of tiredness, especially since I asked how he liked the house, meaning the house in far away, and he said he hadn't had a chance to go there recently, meaning his fab Runescape house) In case you are wondering, geysers in Iceland are very cool (or hot really) and fireworks are dangerous!

I just got my first email from youngest daughter! A hi and a kissy face smiley and her name...all rolled in to one word with no spaces. I love it.

Someone in our neighborhood got a scooter for Christmas and every time I hear it on the sidewalk I think it is middle daughter scootering around.

Like last year, I have intentions, not resolutions and pretty much the same ones. I can't wear any of those out can I?

We don't have any pork in the house for New Year's day dinner. I am a bit worried about it, since it is good luck and all. It didn't really make sense to get it since no one will be home for dinner, except vegetarians so our nibble of pork will be none. We did get greens (at the request of the greens hater) and we have black-eyed peas for hoppin john. I will boil eggs for fertility in the new year. We need all the fertility we can get between the two of us. (but not among any of the children) My partner hasn't gotten pregnant for 17 years and I haven't gotten pregnant in more than 8! At the very least we could use some fertile ideas or fertile eggs come chick hatching time this summer.


Denise said...

There's no bacon in the fridge? I think there are hotdogs if you really want a bite of pork. Oh wait, what about that BBQ in the fridge, that's pork isn't it?

I am worried about the eggs. Fertility tends to rub off on people and I don't want it rubbing off on either Michelle or Astrid.

TW said...

That bbq looks REVOLTING. I hate the packaging and the looks of it and yuck from day 1.

Emsxiety said...

Did you find pork to eat for the new year?

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