January 03, 2006


Intentions sounds better than resolutions right? These are really not new or resolutions in the new year sort of way. Just generally what I aim to do on a daily basis so I will set them out on this the first "real" day of the year for me.


1. Support/nurture my children constantly, though not intrusively, by letting them learn and grow without: pressure, unconstructive criticism, fear, comparison. I want to encourage them in their acquisition and use of: creativity, ingenuity, learning, confidence, responsibility. Also, support them through being responsive to their hopes, fears, plans, needs.

2. I want to know and care for my family members and friends in personal, thoughtful ways

3. I want to communicate clearly.

4. I intend to show my partner that she is loved, respected, valued, desired.

5. To be compassionate, considerate, respectful, towards others and toward myself.


Lucy said...

OK - def. refer to previous comment re. your sinfulness :-)

I'm sooo impressed its sick. You think compassion and respect are more important than giving up tim-tams! (for non-Australians, they are a kind of chocolate biscuit. And generally feature somewhere on the resolution list of everyone I know).

TW said...

LOL, don't be impressed. I am a just a goofy idealist.

jess said...

Great list.