January 04, 2006

My Chuck Norris Crush

Tough Love: Norris Fans Board the Chuck Wagon

As the square-jawed embodiment of law and order, he could be counted on to do What Was Right, even if right involved beating up people

I never have put much thought into my affection for Chuck Norris. I admit it every once in a while to gales of laughter. Thinking about it always leaves me a bit squeamish. Violence really never has been my thing. Violent movies and tv shows definitely are not my thing. So why Walker? Norris? I would have said beats me. I would have said because he is cool. I might have even pointed at the cool ass-kicking women on the show. That would be a bit of a misdirection though. While I admittedly enjoyed them...it really was non-talkative, uncomfortable with relationship chat, Walker.

But now that I read this illuminating article, it really is quite clear to me. The Norris crush has its roots in that sense of right and wrong, the clearness of moral action, and yeah, integrity.

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Emsxiety said...

You and Chuck Norris? Im not a big giggler, I usually just flat out laugh. However, this time, *giggle* I love it!