December 01, 2006

Life. Camera. Action.

Life coaching is interesting to me, even when it isn't Paris on Gilmore Girls. Why? Because first, it is just downright interesting to me that people get paid to look at your life and tell you exactly where you need to head, even though you know that in the first place. Life coaches are all about action and I dig that. They also seem to be about motivation which I also like...maybe because I know I can and I know others who can ruminate and know the right action to take but need a good kick to get motivated.
I didn't realize they do business sorts of coaching until I read a bio of a coach. It makes sense, success, motivation. action. gotcha. Interesting stuff.

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Michelle Lords said...

Hi -I am a life coach. I am new to blogging so can't figure out your name. Sorry for my ineptitude.

Just wanted to say I love what you wrote except I wanted to clarify that coaching is a partnership with the client.-coaches don't tell the client where they are heading .The client tells us where they want to go and we work out together how to get there. We might help the client explore in a deeper way what they really want.