November 09, 2006


Are you a transumer? (BTW-I love using a word that confuses the spell check) In hopes of not confusing you...though you must read the article because it is truly interesting, here is a definition:

TRANSUMERS are consumers driven by experiences instead of the ‘fixed’, by entertainment, by discovery, by fighting boredom, who increasingly live a transient lifestyle, freeing themselves from the hassles of permanent ownership and possessions. The fixed is replaced by an obsession with the here and now, an ever-shorter satisfaction span, and a lust to collect as many experiences and stories as possible.* Hey, the past is, well, over, and the future is uncertain, so all that remains is the present, living for the 'now'.

Rather interesting and sort of the flip side of the whole live lightly because it is good for the earth or because clutter is in and of itself is evil, but really explains the whole reason that those "simple living" folk seem to spend 5 times as much money as people who don't.

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