November 08, 2006

Mother of Invention

Once upon a time, I thought I would grow up to be an inventor. After all, I knew my father had invented things and inventing things just was cool. I still think I should have become an inventor. I “invent” things in my head all the time that show up a couple years later on store shelves, so I cannot be too off the mark. I say this even though my family giggles on a regular basis about my invention of fleas. (Wait, let me be clear here: I did not invent them obviously but I used the wrong word when I thought I had discovered a new species of insect as a child. I was studying them with great zeal and all ready to call the newspaper or the government and tell them about my discovery of this interesting new bug. My mother broke it to me that those were fleas and she didn’t think the world wanted to know that I discovered them.)

I am proud to say that my son also has fab invention ideas on a regular basis. My favorite is the toaster that instead of boring glowing red coils has the appearance of a fireplace. I keep waiting to see one somewhere so I can kick myself for not foisting my then 6 year old through the whole process.

Now, I know I could always do the right things next time I have a great idea and still grow up to be an official inventor. I think that is why the Invention Blog from Invent-Tech is so incredible. It talks about how invention minded people really do great stuff with their ideas and turn them into reality. They also talk about the process, what new inventions the buzz is about and give great invention trade show information. Not only that! They will help new inventors wade through the patents and trademarks and process of actually turning ideas into reality.

I am so excited. It is really the sort of thing the internet is good for: supporting ideas when the rest of the world thinks you are odd. Check out the blog. It really is good.

I can honestly say it is like a dream blog come true for me...or at least a blog that makes me dream. I am so glad I saw it on PayperPost. Really, I think it is my favorite PayPerPost discovery EVER. I even subscribed to the blog with my rss reader. I have been ruthless in getting rid of feeds and now this!


Denise said...

I'm still fond of the built in toilet bed idea.

Anonymous said...


I don't know if you have ever visited and its sub-site for inventors,

It's a fun and helpful website that had daily posting on the latest inventions, innovations and interesting ideas. It is also the most popular website for individual inventors on the web.

We hope you will drop by and join our inventor community.