November 27, 2006

Homeowner's Associations

I have never been a huge fan of homeowners associations. They seem to charge a lot of money for that egg hunt and tend to get a bit bossy. Yes, I know there are good parts about homeowner associations. (and I am all for a good egg hunt)

But, all and all...bossy behavior seems the norm. This is a case in point. Is there any reason in the world why a peace symbol wreath should be fined? On someone's house...when you allow (no doubt) other decorations and wreaths. Sigh.


skeet said...

I am a long-time member and the current president of our association board. We would be booted out should we make such a preposterous misconstruance, and rightly so. Just keep your fence painted and haul off the junk car before the leaves build up around it and we'll be happy.

TW said...

Giggle, can I growl about how expensive it is to do those things? ;-)