November 25, 2006

He's 13

He's beautiful. And he is mine.

The oldest child sprung from my loins turns 13 today. How did that happen?

The burbling baby noises from the back seat have morphed into a big boy sitting next to me when we are alone together in the car. The tiny baby boy now nearly as tall as I am...

Another year, another big year and possibly the most interesting year since the first year. Really.

I know, kids heads spin around and spit pea soup in these middle school years. Or they are supposed to...and while my boy baby has had his impatient moments, his grouchy snark...we have had a good year. Maybe this is because he has always rolled his eyes and has always growled in the morning or when he is tired or out of sorts. Thirteen years of it means par for the personality rather than teen angst. Or maybe it is this...I get where he is coming from.

Last spring, I reached a point where I could work out leaving work early to spend more time with the children on nights when we just had them for dinner. This means that I get to pick boy child up from school. Now, car time with my kids has always been one of my favorite times. Car time with boy child-special. Whether it is us giggling over the idea of him blinged out in a sparkly shirt similar to a classmate but crossed with his step-like-brother's style, discussing the horrors of substitute teachers, or talking about the weekend, we enjoy the time together.

The other time together that we have come to enjoy has been online, playing Runescape. I could ramble on about this but I won't. Mushy mommy posts don't need rambles about MMORPGs.

This is a mushy mommy post... a mommy post about the kid who tells me I am the coolest mom in the world AND the best mom in the world in the same day. A mushy mommy post about the kid who will blush and laugh and still curl up for On the day you were 13. He is 13. He is the boy who made me a mommy for the first time. My first love as a mommy and first loves are always special. Happy birthday baby boy.

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skeet said...

Mahalo for sharing the sweetness. You'll have to take my word for this, but time will prove that I speak the truth: it keeps getting better.