September 19, 2006

After Picture Books

What is your child reading in school? If s/he is late elementary/early middle likely isn't what you read in school at that age. The "problem novel" which came along when a lot of parents were in those elementary/middle school years, is now in-class, assigned reading. Welcome to Lizard Motel has a lot to say about these books.

The book also has some interesting commentary on the whole Readers and Writers project, that really captured a lot of my angst over the whole Readers/Writers project that our schools have adopted, as well as my queasy feelings when I read Raising Lifelong Learners. (A parent's guide based on the same work as Readers and Writers Project)I love the idea of my kids writing. I adored Raising Lifelong Learners and recommend it...but...I had reservations when I read it but I couldn't figure out exactly what it was that bugged me. Feinberg nailed it.

Lizard Motel also gave me a bit of a parental hey, someone else's kid thinks that way about schoolwork too; always nice.

Thanks to Readable Feast for pointing the way!

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