August 17, 2006

Now She is Eight

Another trip around the sun and now my baby is eight years old. She grew quite a bit. She flew quite a bit. She finished second grade and started third. She started naming more than just the "glory mustard" birds. Now she knows more birds on sight than I do. She spots them faster too.

Her haircut has changed, but it remains a glorious mop of curls, including the one that a little girl must have in the middle of her forehead. That is a good one for her to have though. Otherwise I would be terminally unable to resist any assertion on her part.

My wee one is 8, but her bewitching fairy ways and her love of cuddling with those she loves remain. can another year have gone by with such a magic child in my life?


sassymonkey said...

I cannot believe that she's eight. It's just not possible.

Did you give her permission to be eight?

skeet said...

Siiiiiiiiiigh! So fast, so soon ... tell her to stop it!

Emsxiety said...

*Sigh* She really is bewitching. An amazing child. But this growing up stuff must stop!