July 18, 2006

Veggie Burgers and Spices

Denise made veggie burgers tonight...from scratch. They were really, really yummy, maybe the best meal she has ever cooked. She says she won't make them again. HMPH. Too much trouble...but they were really delicious.

She started with an AICR recipe. (They have a weekly recipe that I subscribe to and often drool over when I don't hate it. I think it was a AICR recipe but it might have been a Meatless Monday recipe. (also a weekly newsletter with drool worthy recipes, except they often do fish stuff which is completely wrong in my book since it says meatless. The other issue is why don't either have a FEED instead of a newsletter? GRRRRRRRRR) We seemed to be out of the required black beans so there was a combo of black beans and garbanzo beans. Then we were out of jalapenos (not surprising since we rarely have them in the house) so she subbed sport peppers that mostly belong to boy child who is on vacation with his dad. So, they won't be refilled with vinegar and last as long as they might have. (buy one bottle, and you have enough pepper sauce for greens for a lifetime if you keep adding vinegar when it gets close to empty)

Then there was an issue with spices. I don't remember quite what she babbled about spices. But, I know we didn't have whatever was called for. This is the second time this week we have run into this issue. Spices aren't really tops on the replacement list on a budget. Have you looked at the prices lately. We think oh well, we have x and we can use it instead. Now we seemed to have used up all the x. I suppose we will be adding spices gradually back into the grocery shopping. Sigh. Oregano or gas to get to work. Tough choice. Yeah, I know they last a long time but still, ack!


sassymonkey said...

Spices are bloody expensive. I do find I get mine cheaper in bulk stores or bulk sections of health food stores.

And yes, gas is more important.

Emsxiety said...

Yeah, I can't believe how expensive spices are. Pine nuts aren't cheap either, although you're not mentioning them right now and they're not really a spice, but I love adding them to food for a flavoring. Hmm I think I went random again.

skeet said...

I'm impressed that she cooked, but even moreso that she fiddled with a recipe and made it her own. Denise being creative in the kitchen ... whod have thunk it!

Denise said...

Ginger, we had no ginger. And there are plenty of peppers in the darn jar for Prince J, I only took out four. Sheesh.

And skeet, I substitute stuff all of the time (or just leave it out lol)

TW said...

Giggle. I didn't mean that we wouldn't have any. I meant they wouldn't last as long.
Yes, Skeet, she is the queen of substitution.
We actually have pine nuts right now. We used them on Sunday for my pasta surprise. It was a surprise just because I had no idea on how I was making it until it was done.

jess said...

Have you tried growing your own and drying them out? You can get all the basics really easily and cheaply that way!