July 20, 2006


I get a newsletter aimed at tween/teen girls from Tampax....err make that Beinggirl.com. It predictably is the sappiest sort of advertising for girls. They also tend to have some sassy, marketing and tools for girls.

Upgradeville isn't one of them. The talking chick is truly scary. The ways to upgrade your life? Dead. Maybe the life upgrades don't render in firefox? hmmm I am afraid to go look in ie. Definitely worth some time if you want to giggle at feminine hygeine marketing. I can't think of a more bizarre bit of modern menstrual marketing since the Mom pulling the Summer's Eve (or was it Massengill) douche out from behind the potted plant on the tv commercial.

However...they do have free samples (and your very own chance to sign up for newsletters). As for you, if you need some help for talking to girls about puberty and menstruation, rely on the same source your teachers and mother did (it was your mom that taught you these things right?) and visit the Talking to Your Daughter about Puberty section at Tampax. It shouldn't be your first or only stop but in a pinch.

Better yet, start prepping now and go get your books and coming of age rituals planned before the chance is gone. There are some smart, really smart, body positive materials available.


skeet said...

But you just gotta love the cursor that turns into a tampon ... right?

TW said...

I don't know. I thought about snagging it for myself but Denise, you know the one, who has discussed her feminine hygeine with you before, thought that it was unsanitary! hmmm