July 31, 2006

Blogher Swag

Ha, I will tackle first the swag. Apologies to all of you out there who want serious learning stuff. I gotta start with the free stuff. I am rather known for my affection for free stuff and sample ladies. Best giveaways: pasties. Ha. I like them. I love them. I haven't ever needed one (or two I guess is the case) in the previous 36 years of my life and probably will never need such things but they are cool in a strange kind of way.

I also loved talking to the Kaboodle folks. I love Kaboodle with a passion (and apparently they love me with a passion too.) I was sorry not to see Manish though!

The water: I told them right off the bat that the name sounds like birth control. They took this well, very well. Folks seemed to think it tasted like birth control too but I thought it was ok, I mean it is water and boy did I need water.

The tote bag: nice, much better than I expected and well, nice. Thumb drive from GM, very cool and appropriate.

Flowers: weird and kinda ugly but I am sure we can put them to some quirky use in a house full of crafty sorts.

Fast Food Fix and You Grow Girl: FAB giveaways. I can't wait to go home and be all quirkily domestic.

Book from Microsoft: good grief. Do I really need a whole book to tell me how to blog on live spaces? Does it say something about your product that you need a whole book to explain the damn thing? Wait! Microsoft Office help documentation often freezes my computer, so maybe a book IS a better idea.

The Elexa t-shirt. Well, I like the design-the whole sexy/smart thing appeals to me but it irks me NO END that the t-shirt is about the size that my 10 year old daughter could wear. Are only small-boned, tiny, very thin women able to be both sexy and smart? Are they the only ones who might be worthy of advertising condoms for Trojan? I saw a lot of women this weekend who were sexy and smart and definitely could not wear that teeny, tiny shirt. Yep, I know it stretches. But, still, sexy, smart, flattering to women who are the size of average, adult American women, would have been a far better shirt. Speaking of which, the Halley Suitt Style Feeder t-shirt with the v-neck rocks. Really.

I already rambled about the Sweet Simplicity.

Minti tshirts and teddy bears: cool stuff.

The boring serious folk at WilmerHale who let me school supply "shop" their giveaways so I came away with calculator rulers and pens enough for my brood rock. (note: they are boring, serious folk because they address an important issue, not because they are themselves boring.)

There was more stuff and I am sure plenty of folk can give you a run down, but that was mine. I will link the books when I get home and remember just who the flower folk who gave me books and pasties were, because I don't remember and can't unpack to figure it out.


Lee said...

yay for free stuff....lots of free stuff is even better!

sassymonkey said...

What Lee said but I also want to know more about your shoes. Were they comfortable? Did you get fun comments? I need shoe talk.

JM said...

that chalky water gave me a stomach ache!

TW said...

LOL JM. Maybe that is why Denise has a stomach ache, STILL. She drank a lot of the stuff. It was nice meeting you in person this weekend if only briefly.

Shoes had some comfort issues that were resolved with strap adjustment. Yes, folk liked them but they weren't the talk of the town.