April 18, 2006


eudaemonic I know you have been wondering what this word means on your Starbucks Cup! Well, here you go: eudaemonic adj : producing happiness and well-being [syn: eudemonic]

What a nice word for a Starbucks cup! Sort of like your favorite Starbucks drink! Yay happiness! Yay well-being! Yay Starbucks!


Denise said...

Heh! Thank you very much for sharing. You've brought much joy and happiness to my day. Even if my Cup had a whole in it and seems to be empty already!

sassymonkey said...

lol. While I was waiting for my Macchiato the other day at Starbucks I was looking through the cards of words they had at counter. The barista asked me if any of them looked familiar. "Nope." He laughed at me (I think, hope, in a me neither way...).

jess said...

Now, that's a good word. Thanks! I love happy words.