March 27, 2006

A Woman of No Consequence

New York Times: "The police are now prosecuting Ms. Parveen for adultery. She is free on bail, but thugs have attacked her home and tried to kidnap her.

Mian Sher told me his plan: if Ms. Parveen is jailed for adultery, then as her supposed husband he will bail her out and take her away. Ms. Parveen says she believes he will then rape and torture her, and finally kill her.

So the judicial system, while ignoring the sex trafficking of children, may now, in the name of morality, hand a young woman over to a brothel owner to do with her as he wants."

Nothing new here at all but we tend to not think on it too much. Of course, in not thinking on it, we are allowing it to go a world where we have daughters.


~ nellenelle said...

Shoot, it won't follow the link... any chance of repair?

TW said...

Nah, it is one of those NYT opinion pieces behind the select wall.