March 24, 2006

Good, Good, Good Vibrations

Good Vibrations Restructures

I have a confession to make... Good Vibrations is a long-time favorite store. First by catalog, later by internet, then finally in person, I have been a customer or lurker. (I don't believe I ever bought anything by catalog, just read it and shoved it in my nightstand...but it was always educational). Before you snicker, you have to understand something about Good Vibrations...they educate, truly educate, folks about their bodies, about sex, relationships, talking to kids about sex, and of course, about their products.

I had a bit of nervousness about visiting in person. The museum of antique vibrators seemed like an innocuous enough outing, right? Still scarey. I mean what if it wasn't cool? What if it was just another skanky sex shop full of demeaning porn? I think that is what worried me most. I had heard so much, read so much, been such a fan...what if it didn't live up to its press. It did. The vibe museum part was tiny...but the store was truly awesome. Clean, well-lit, full of staff who managed to talk to customers in a way that made it completely ok to be in a store selling sex toys.

I will miss the funky coolness of co-op shopping but if it means I can get a clean well-lit Good Vibes store in the same part of the country; I am all for it. No, I don't need replacements or additions to my collection, but I do know that knowing about Good Vibrations is a good thing, being able to tell someone they can visit one in person,(and why they should)is even better.


Kristen said...

Perfect timing. I was in the market for a *ahem* good vibration. I'll need more time to shop.

TW said...

It definitely is the place and they really won't spam you or put you on a million mailing lists or send it in a ups box with naked women all over it.
All good things in my mind, despite the fact that I will happily discuss these things with all and sundry...I just like the chance to choose the time and place.

And thanks for stopping by...I still am giggling just thinking about your blog.

jess said...

I now have a good mental picture of you in birkenstocks and holding the good vibrations catalog. This is what i will look for at blogher!

TW said...