February 01, 2006

Starbucks? Food?

What's Cooking at Starbucks?: "The ability to get a warm breakfast with your latte, or a sandwich at lunch, would likely draw more customers."

It is time for all those fun quarterly reports for all sorts of businesses I frequent but own no stock in. One of these, of course, is Starbucks. Now Starbucks has an interesting history in my life. I am probably classed in the hard core Starbucks consumers. Ok, not probably, know I am classed there. I read the little bulletin board while I wait for coffee. I know the baristas are entreated to treat "regulars" well. I know that I far exceed the Starbucks definition of "regular" used in those admonitions.

But, I have Starbucks issues. It isn't just the patently boring coffee. It isn't just the predictable nature of a Starbucks' experience. (in fact I rather enjoy that part most days) It is the food. You see, I would like to eat sometimes when I go to Starbucks. I like their cheese danish well enough when taken home and warmed. But, I really have tummy trouble when eating any Starbucks pastry. But...when I go to Starbucks in other cities...like the ones foisted into Barnes and Noble...they have semi-real food. I think about getting it. I haven't yet. Tourist coffee visits to B & N are usually after meals.

Yet, some mornings, I really long to walk into Starbucks and get an egg and cheese sandwich.

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Denise said...

I've had that almost food in various places, the best was in Vancouver. The worst in the Atlanta airport.

I too would love an egg & cheese sandwich at Starbucks in the morning but would you want those baristas making it?

TW said...

See, that is the thing. Do I really want slower service? I think food would definitely result in the Maudes effect.

Shelly said...

You will be happy to know I had my first Starbucks coffee last thursday and it was pretty yummy I got the same as Denise usually does but without the quad, and double caramel :). It was very very good, went back again Saturday Mark keeps hinting at us going again but truthfully I think my new coffee intake might be what is hindering my sleep :( sigh!

TW said...

You know it really isn't the same drink that way but I have been known to ask for extra caramel. Though, you do have to know the quad thing was my doing. She had regular ones or triples before I started drinking them and had to add extra shots to make up for the vanilla and non coffee ness of them.