January 31, 2006

Introducing Greta and Mith

Greta and Mith moved into my office (Yes, the famed office: home of the window and door.). They seem moderately pleased with office life.

As you can tell they have revealed their names: Mith and Greta Green-Eyes. Mith is as you can tell a bit of a camera hog. Somewhat to be expected of a dragon styling himself as a Dragon of Pern.

Both of them can turn green but Greta prefers, it seems, to just wear her green eyeshadow.




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Lee said...

I always wanted to live on Pern... I have a confession, lizards are like snakes with feet in my opinion - I appreciate them in theory but I think actually having one would creep me out because of the snake thing...my uncle had an iguana when we were kids that he would take grocery shopping so he could pick his/her own grapes and lettuce out...I think Greta and Mith could definately be sketchbook material ;)

TW said...

No, these guys are not. I am not a lizard fan but these guys are more like, well, dragons

Emsxiety said...

Of course they are more like dragons. I have two curly tail lizards and they are just cool. I dont' even mind cleaning the tank. Who knew Lizards could be such fun pets.