February 07, 2006

Shower Soothers are HOT!

It is my turn to blog about the Sudacare Shower Soothers. I know you just want to know all about them.

I am home sick today...with a cold. Now, I normally would have gone to work with this cold except....particularly early this morning...I had the cough from hell. Again, I normally would have ventured to work but...the 90 ish year old (some say 89, some say 93) department wonder woman missed work for a month with a chest infection of some nature. Now, this would be seen as normal for a woman her age, but this is the woman who missed FIVE days for breast cancer. Everyone has been worried. Now she is back, oxygen in tow, which she hates, and people checking on her in my office suite every five minutes. Clearly I have to have a cough under wraps before returning to work...lest I am seen as infecting our frail coworker.

So, Robitussin sucked down. Sure, I read on WebMD that it does nothing (and Reuters and 5 million other blogs); in fact I recall telling my mother for years it doesn't work, but I tried it anyway. Much angst later, (over working with a website for my daughter later,(not helped by dizziness, achiness, connection issues, FRONTPAGE, headache and coughing)) I decided I would take a shower with the Sudacare Shower soothers...known as the dog shampoo in our home for its delightful odor.

We have a shower in our bathroom. No tub. I decided to sit in the shower, so as to be closer to the soothing vapors. Great idea right? Certainly this is NOT a bathtub, so no warning "this is not to be used in the tub" issue. Umm, well, all was going well until a different daughter (or other stray household occupant) turned water on or flushed the toilet or some such nonsense changing the stream of shower soother laden water towards my errr...this is somewhat of a family friendly kind of place...GIRL PARTS. It was slightly higher in intensity than say mouthwash or Altoids. Shower Soothers definitely do not soothe those places...in fact...it is UNPLEASANT.

Now, to be fair, this in no way compared to Vick's Vaporub (it migrated. (Showering and scrubbing is only minimally helpful, you should always be extremely careful to keep vaporub away from tender areas)

In any case, do not sit in the shower with your shower soothers.

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