January 23, 2006

Retro Peanut Butter

Last week I bought the "New, No Need to Stir" Skippy Natural Peanut Butter. (Creamy, of course)

I bought this because it said NEW. No need to stir. Natural. Clearly a groundbreaking NEW, NATURAL product. Natural=Healthy or healthier or something.

No. Not really. Instead of the peanuts and salt with some magic mechanical process to keep it stirred, I am now the proud owner of an expensive 16.3 oz of peanut butter that is probably identical to the cheap pre-hydrogenated oil proliferation peanut butters we grew up with...

Ingredients: peanuts. Sugar. Palm oil. Salt.

It is good in a retro peanut butter sort of way. It doesn't taste all unnaturally smooth and slick like "modern" peanut butter. But, it is NOT a healthy product. It doesn't actually say it is but natural sort of implies that it is.

I know Elaine Magee has already vetoed these "new" products and that she is likely to have already hammered into her regulars heads that natural doesn't = healthy. Butttttt HMPH.

Anyhow, throw it on some wonder bread with jam out of a jelly glass and you are good to go for the pb&j of your childhood.

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~ nellenelle said...

Fortunately, the only peanut butter I eat is in a very nutritious peanut butter cup...

DrumsNWhistles said...

You know, to this day there is nothing quite as good as a PBJ on a lazy afternoon. It reminds me of summers spent riding bikes and hanging out at the neighbors' pools.

I love Skippy, but DH has to have Jif. Really. :) Mine has to be creamy; his has to be chunky. Variety and all that.

jess said...

Oh! You with the Wonder Bread too! I would love a PB&J, but we are nut free *hrmph*.

TW said...

I am supposed to be nut free but umm I am weak when it comes to peanut butter. Worse than giving up other good stuff. SiGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH