January 25, 2006

Pope warns about loveless sex

Pope warns about loveless sex: "Pope Benedict XVI warned in his first encyclical Wednesday that sex without unconditional love risked turning men and women into merchandise."

Ok, I don't traditionally have a huge issues with the Catholic church. I tend to fall into the whatever floats your boat view of religious belief. (some caveats in my mind but that is another post)

My issue here is this: does unconditional love for a spouse actually exist? I really don't think so. If it doesn't exist, does that mean that one should NOT have sex within marriage until it occurs?

Sorry, reserving my unconditional love for my children. (Of course, I realize that comment leaves a huge wide open hole for that reader of mine who abhors Catholic priests.)

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Denise said...

Unconditional love is a tool of the patriarchal society (and the Catholic church) used to prey on the emotions of women. Men don't think about unconditional love, women do.

~ nellenelle said...

Love is what it feels to whomever. I think the real issue is expecting another to meet some standard, and to leave them feeling a failure if somehow it doesn't seem to reach that sort of feeling.

What exactly would unconditional love be? Surely there are limits to about anything, though perhaps the love would remain even if we walked away.

I am more apt to say my love for my children is not conditional; a play on words perhaps, but true... it is not hinged on other events.

I hold this view of love when the walls are gone and the truth is plainly visible, nothing left hidden and unshared. (Which is not the same as having personal space, which I also am a huge believer in...)

It's not something I need concern myself with, except in some abstract contemplation; this is not a part of my future.