January 22, 2006

Not Gay Enough

Doc was chatting yesterday about not being gay enough. I laughed and thought I wasn't either. Now I know for sure.

We went to see Brokeback Mountain today. I am not a movie person. I know, 2 movies in two weeks but this probably is close to the number of movies I saw all of last year. But, lots of hype. Gay movie. Oscars? Other awards? Must be the right thing to do to go see this thing.

I swallowed my kissing in movie issues. I knew there would be some. I swallowed my gay boy issues. I know they make no sense. Even my MOTHER has yelled at me for this one. So I go. I mean I like the random gay boy book, surely a movie with pretty scenery will be absorbing. I expected to enjoy it. Really I did. Tears. Star-crossed love.

Sigh. I am not gay enough. I was bored. Really bored. I started pondering the comic value of Hoodwinked. I didn't care about the guys. At all. I suspect I might have really enjoyed it as the short story. It was long.

Interesting enough sex in an odd way though. Mostly when they were with their wives but interesting.


Almost Lazarus said...

You're the kind of person who can say "I'm not gay, but my gf is" and mean it, ha ha.

So I shouldn't bother with the movie? Maybe you have to be straight, or way gayer than we are to enjoy it.

TW said...

Nah, I wouldn't bother unless you are into long and boring, or cowboys.

Now, that whole "I am not gay, my gf is..." well, more people would identify me as the gay one. Our nearly 16 yo in the beginning was more than clear that her mother wasn't a lesbian when I wasn't around. hmmm must be the hair cut and Birkenstocks.

TW said...

BTW-I didn't mention this but the audience was nearly all straight girls. A few men were dragged in as dates of straight girls, but the rest...they were definitely not lesbians.

Almost Lazarus said...

Overheard in my own home:

16 yr old friend "I thought your mom was a lesbian"

daughter "She is"

Friend "How come she doesn't act like one?"

daughter "She's more lesbo when there are other lesbos around"


Must be one of those associative processes.

TW said...

Guilt by association, exactly.

I am always curious as to what acting like a lesbian might consist of...