January 22, 2006

Blogging For Choice

Roe v Wade occurred after I was born. This periodically gives me some angst when I think about it. Why? I was obviously a much wanted child. My parents absolutely were thrilled to have me join them. But...the date meant that even if I wasn't my parents really didn't have a choice. Sure, theoretically there was one. But, they were married, my father had a job, no reason to think other than the "natural order". Then I would think of my classmates, children who were obviously not as wanted as I. It didn't seem right.

When I had my children, I wanted them more than anything in the world. I still do. Their father was not so sure and abortion came up more than once as I announced that we had a wee one on the way. I couldn't imagine choosing it. I am glad I had the choice. I am glad that my children when they go through teen angst will know that they were always wanted. I want their children to have the same feeling. Every child should be a wanted child. Sigh.

I wasn't sure I wanted to blog for choice. What could I say? I tend to be rather against abortion, only because I am so into babies and children. But, then again, I want those babies to be a choice, a thought out choice. I hate the idea that this could again become another place in a woman's life where there is no decision she is allowed to make.

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