January 15, 2006

5 Reasons I Feel Hoodwinked

I feel Hoodwinked that we paid money and spent time watching this movie.

1. Hits like a girl should never be an insult.

2. Homophobic innuendo (and more if you are over the age of say 11)

3. Any kid there has no doubt read much better Fairy Tale parody and satire

4. Red's virtues shouldn't still be written into be a good happy cheerful girl. I was looking forward to a cool tough girl with a grandma that matched. Instead there was a lot of traditional lalala, dumb girl, hurt feelings, safer to hide your true nature stuff. ARGH!

5. Incredibly telling that the majority of the laughter at the jokes in the theater was from men. (Though with all the Monty Python, and possibly all other "guy flick" movie possibly excepting Caddyshack (I might have just missed that one though) references it was hardly surprising)

Now, I am a fairy tale lover and get me in a room I will happily bore you with everything from the rape allegory intention of early Red Riding Hood to another old version where she strips for the wolf and then tricks him by saying she needs to go outside to pee. I even collect fairy tale art. I also appreciate fractured fairy tales. But this, truly was bad.

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Denise said...

And I feel hoodwinked because while I was letting your little one do horrid things to my hair and going to pick up your middle one, you were getting to write this.

Not fair.

StyleyGeek said...

So true. I disliked this movie intensely for all those reasons and more, and (also being a bit of a fairytale addict) I was expecting to love it. Mostly, though, it just left me bored. I saw it on a (daytime) plane flight, and could hardly keep my eyes open. It solved my usual "I can't sleep on planes" problem, though :)