November 01, 2005


My office window is a great prize. I love my window, with a passion. But today it is not such a good thing. Every time I look out of my window to take a brief thought break from repairing 10 year old web pages, I see an airplane.

Normally, I enjoy seeing the airplanes and helicopters fly past my window. Today is a different story. You see, someone has found it necessary to fly a plane pulling a prolife banner complete with fetus picture. Do we really need this? I mean what is the point? Oh yeah, I know what the point is.

Ha! It has started raining. Maybe the plane will go home and quit ruining my view.
Update: rain did not frighten off the plane. Bleah

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1 comment:

~ nellenelle said...

Makes ya want to jump in a plane and fly a "make your own damn choices in life" banner around.

That would annoy me as well.