October 16, 2005

World's Coolest Junk-house

Boing Boing has a squib on the "World's Coolest Junk House" Yes, that is right...the world famous House on The Rock

I have been to the House on the Rock. I love the House on the Rock. Unfortunately I went with two people who found it gaggingly kitschy and uninteresting except as a way to ridicule and a toddler who I carried most of the way or chased. Pregnant. Hot. Tired. AND IT IS HUGE HUGE HUGE. TONS OF WALKING.

I want to go back. Wander. Point out all the cool stuff that is there that I have seen elsewhere (matching carved ivory statues to the ones in our office). I want to point out all the stuff that is there that I have carried with me all this time. (Amazing flea circus setups for example)

Yeah, its weird. Really weird. But educational, fun. Special.

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