October 17, 2005

Open Thread: How are you using tabs? | 43 Folders

"But, by far, my biggest gains come from the numerous tabbed bookmark sets" 43 Folders

I read this earlier today and kept it as keep as new. I thought about going over there to comment but well...its a bit embarrassing to mention my favorite use of the tab groupings. You see...I can click a Neopets folder and have all my Neopets "daily stops" open in new tabs in one click. No more wandering around Neopets. No more skipping the free jelly. Yep, helps my productivity big time. Ok, yeah, there are other tab folders in my life, BUT THAT IS MY FAVORITE.

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Vanda said...

Do you want a link to all the free stuff, include the McD givaway? And where you can get 2000np each month for free?

TW said...

I had been WONDERING where to get my free points when I read the newsletter every month. GRRR Thanks

Denise said...

I don't give a rats you know what if neopets folder doesn't sound like it adds much productivity to the day or not - IT DOES. This is the ONE area of my life that firefox tabs has so greatly improved that I can't even begin to explain it. That neopets folder, I love it. Every morning when I open those tabs, I smile. I probably don't have time to actually play a game or shop or send nice presents but I tended my pet properly without click, click, click, click, click, click, click. I love the neopets folder.