October 20, 2005


Seriously growling. I have been ALL DAY. Why? Because my morning with the USA Today: Source of all news that I have already read on a blog but better than the local paper, had ABOVE the fold...on the front page a charming headline about women in college outnumbering men. The article got worse from there including these fine quotes:

  • McCorkell says. "If we had a tie (between a male and a female applicant), we gave it to a boy."

  • Predominantly female campuses also led to a "significant increase" in men's commitment to promoting racial understanding and led males to more liberal views on abortion, homosexuality and other social issues, her research found.

  • dwindling pool of men should emphasize male interests, such as sports(emphasis mine), he says, and offer more male role models.

The whole article was so bizarre as to be unbelievable. Sports? Hmmm ok. Well, that will fix things. Give the place to a boy? Does a boy who grows up to be an undereducated adult cost the state as much as a woman? hmmm.

The key comment though is this whole issue with predominantly female campuses leading to liberal views. Anyone besides me think THIS is what is causing the whole boys need affirmative action furor? Those feminists might get our boys to go gay, pay for abortions and who knows what other evil.

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~ nellenelle said...

The only people I see even comment on men and education are feminists... men bitch about it, but never seem to wish to engage in the conversation.

The solution to this goofy "if it is a tie, we go with the boy" nonsense is to let them both in. Such remarks are likely made to make a point on the dwindling numbers of males, but it strikes a sore spot, because women are not far removed from not having access to education at all. The solutions lie in finding things to engage all our young into the value and importance of education, not incredibly dumb and counterproductive statements like that one.

TW said...

Why engage in conversation if it is in your control?

~ nellenelle said...

Perhaps that unwitting strategy worked just fine at one time, but it doesn't now, not in an age where information and communication drive this world.