October 22, 2005

Fast Food Rape

Den of the Biting Beaver: "A Hoax most Cruel. I got this story a few days ago, I read it, was utterly horrified, and then promptly lost the link. It's from a Newspaper, the courier-journal out of Louisville Kentucky. Read the article, it's intense."

This is simply the most horrid thing I have read in a long, long time. Maybe ever. Thanks to the Biting Beaver for the heads up. Hideous. Horrid. I am just about speechless. (Note: If you are the triggered sort...this has red flags all over.) :*-(

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Stephanie said...

I had so hoped this was a hoax, but by all that's holy it wasn't. What kind of people is this country raising that no one has the common sense to question someone on the phone who merely says he is a police officer? Even worse, what kind of people would do all those horrible things without once questioning them? And shame on the fast food chains whose lawyers are coaching them to say they're not responsible because everyone involved was over the age of 18. Sometimes I'm just plain embarassed to be a member of the human race.

TW said...

I had too. I went and read the article, checked it out, and it isn't.

I have know idea what kind of person does this but then the whole culture of working in such places discourages questioning. My oldest son worked in a McDonalds and had issues with the manager forbidding him to do things like wear the gloves the sanitation classes told him to wear for cleaning the bathrooms.

The food chain lawyer quotes were horrid. Just horrid. Made me want to boycott it all.