October 16, 2005

Emily's List

Stephanie is ranting a bit about Emily's List. I have to agree about this whole shutting out of women who don't have hundreds of dollars to donate.

Even more troubling (to me at least) is the troubling ADVERTISING on the website if you go to see their recommended candidates. Paid for by: Candidates name here for candidates office here. Huh?

Are we supposed to believe this is unbiased? I know. I know. I long have adored the idea of Emily's list but it seems to have fallen from grassroots to greedy. It is a different power base doing the exclusion but all the same...it is one.
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Anonymous said...

Ellen Malcolm would dump a woman politician if she voted for a restriction against sex selection abortions--which 99% of the time means females--her gender and mine-- worldwide. She would dump someone from her list for voting for a restriction against killing a healthy fetus that had a genetic trait for same-sex attraction--and she's a lesbian. She dumped Mary Landrieu, one of the R. Catholic "deadly dozen" senators because she voted for the ban on partial-birth abortions, the horrific practice opposed by the AMA. No sane decent person could vote otherwise except the Emily's List gals and their male counterparts. Emily's List = fanaticism. Humiliated angry Hillary Clinton and the rest are twisted sisters. They are good at blowing smoke and getting rich with your $20.00 a month. And they are very very rich women thanks to gullible women. Raw ambition that doesn't care who is killed or how. Think for yourself! Spend the money on your kid's educations. Sleepers awake...