August 19, 2005

Mommy Weekend

Once upon a time, I had children in abundance, all day, all night, usually right on top of me. Then, I couldn't wait for mommy weekends without children. Now, that has changed. I have to save my mommy weekends for being power mommy every other weekends. I live for and love those. My children not on top of me every minute breaks my heart. I adore my children. And yes, I live for them. I lived for them when mommy weekend meant running away from home to spend a couple days unencumbered as well.

Despite this, mommy weekends without children, dogs, turtles, cats and housework are still amazing and special. We are having one this weekend. We won't run far away from home, less than an hour away. A hotel awaits. Plenty of poking around in kitschy shops where nothing is something you need but often is something you want will occur.

What else will occur is that magical escape where real life with bills, work that is never done and yes, family responsibility will be shelved for a couple of days. We will rest, read and remind ourselves of all the good in our lives and in each other. We really do have a lot good, even on days with dead computers, dogs eating backpacks, snarky people in our lives, kids who are beat by long days at school with more work and more expectations, jobs that we love, but challenge us in ways that we wouldn't have chosen. No, we aren't rich. No, we don't have the little kids as much as we want or they want to be with us. Yes, the boy child could date someone better, do something about going to school, get a better job. Yes, we could have a cleaner house, more money in the bank, healthier habits and just general decent health. We do have each other though, every day, not just on mommy weekends. We have a home and a family. We have friends. We have the big three Cs: community, coffee and cokes. Life is good.

Mommy weekends are good too. Rare, relaxing, and good. Really good. Mostly because mommy weekends are with my love...the one who still makes me quiver, smile, loves my children and can tend a board and a blog well enough to catch my eye...every day.

'It was deep April'

It was deep April, and the morn
Shakespere was born;
The world was on us, pressing sore;
My love and I took hands and swore,
Against the world, to be
Poets and lovers evermore,
To laugh and dream on Lethe's shore,
To sing to Charon in his boat,
Heartening the timid souls afloat;
Of judgement never to take heed,
But to those fast-locked souls to speed,
Whoe never from Apollo fled,
Who spent no hour among the dead;
With them to dwell,
Indifferent to heaven and hell.
"Michael Field"


kerry said...

Sounds like a good weekend - have fun!

TW said...

Thanks Kerry! Hope you are feeling better.

supa said...

ah ... wonderful.