August 17, 2005

Lucky Seven?

My baby turned seven years old today. This seems completely wrong. At seven I can no longer think that she is a "little kid" just out of babyhood. She of course the youngest so this is a bit bigger leap than with the other childen. She was born on the day Clinton was at the grand jury testifying about Lewinsky. How could such a thing be all the news on a day such an amazing person came into the world?

But at seven, she is as magnificent a blessing as she was when she was a mere blip on the ultrasound. Let me tell you about my wee one.

She is a slip of a thing; small enough that she doesn't even look too old for the carseat I insist she still ride in. She doesn't even remark on this rule. She knows it is safer for her. She has bountiful curly hair that makes grown women weep for the hair they never had without expensive salon treatments that really don't equate. Her hair just makes her weep when it manages to tangle into a massive hair ball that we have to carefully undo every morning. There are those who would look at her and think she is adorable, striking, beautiful. I think so too but it definitely isn't at the top of why I am absolutely infatuated with her. In fact, her good looks have made for a good deal of unbecoming vanity on her part.

No, the reason she is beguiling is her boundless enthusiasm. She is a bouncy bundle of energy. From being an infant who was always in someones arms and never slept alone to a "big" school girl, she has never stopped moving. She is not a child you can forget is in the house. She brings to it such absolute happiness that you just have to smile.

Then there is her mind. This is the mind that is always racing to keep up with the big kids, often beating them. While she is incredibly smart, she also is charming with the twists and turns her imagination takes. When she was a baby and toddler, I called her and so did some of my friends who saw her on a regular basis, my fairy baby. Flighty, usually naked, as she didn't consistently wear clothes until she started school (though she went through many outfits each day once she was old enough to change them!) and with that pert, mischevious fairy-like expression on her face. She observes and draws conclusions that are at once completely brilliant or oddly off base but hearing the reasons behind the conclusions can be as much fun as the conclusion. Last week, we passed a house with a good number of mushrooms in the yard. It is summer after all and a good rain springs mushrooms all over the place. These were lined up in a row. She says to me: "did you see the house with all the mushrooms lined up?" "Yes baby I did" "They must really like fairies there" "hmmm mmm hmm" "Of course they do, that is why the fairies have all the great places to hide there" Sigh.

Then there is her amazing loving heart. She is always glad to see you. She loves to cuddle. "oh mommy, I love you sooooooooooooo much" rains out of the blue. My baby who barely left my arms for her first couple of years is still eager for a hug and a cuddle.

Contagious happiness, smiles, love, humor...

I could ramble on about my baby, she isn't perfect, of course, but she is perfect to me, even on the drama queen days, the diva days and the cross days. She is magical, special and truly welcomed on this the day she was born seven years ago and every day. I am so glad she has come into my life.


Denise said...

Yea she's cute. And she is pretty sweet. And she does like to cuddle, generally my mouse arm as I'm trying to explain some blog thing to the boss or deal with some spam issue or something. I hate her hair but wouldn't hate it if I wasn't the one who had to brush it every morning, lol. I will love it when she is much much older and can take care of it herself. I will really love it and I am sure she will let me play with hers the way I let her play with mine right now. In fact, I think I should start talking about that now so that she is prepared for this.

You forgot to mention how charming she is when she boasts about destroying "Denise's gold couch in SC with pee and barf, remember that yukky green stuff and I was reallyyyyyy sick and she had to put her couch out at the curb to get taken away by the garbage men? hehehehehehehe" (She really does say this, and giggle afterwards. How can you NOT love a child who does this???)

And then there's the penny princess incident. She swallowed the penny, had a truly horrifying experience in the hospital (horrifying to me and to you and to her father) and all she can think about now is going back to SC to that hospital so she can get more tiny, cutieeeeee bears. Again, what's not to love in a kid like ths?

Oh yea, I don't love the fact that she is SEVEN. She cannot be SEVEN. Can't, Can't, CAN'T. She's a cutieeeeeeeeeeee and must remain so!

sassymonkey said...

lol. She is a cute kid. And she is a very happy, bouncing child - the type I think are fun to watch from far away but scare the crap out of me when I'm close to them (you know how I am - kids are *scary*).

I can't believe she's 7 either.

Emsxiety said...

Happy Birthday E. She sounds entracing and delightful. Especially the fact that she barfs green stuff. That's just the best! lol

supa said...

Oh, she sounds delightful! Happy birthday to her, and applause for such a great post. See, who needs babyhood when childhood is so much fun?

TW said...

Babyhood is just soooo quick and precious. (and no I didn't believe it on my zillionth night of no sleep or when I had sick babies who were happy only to be held in one incredibly awkward way and not put down) Besides, they are so portable and always with you, you know? Now they have friends and adults in their lives that I don't even KNOW sometimes.

jess said...

Wow, that was really a wonderful post about your daughter. She sounds wonderful and reminds me of my just turned 8 year old.

Hope the birthday was nice.